A Kitty Dream




To guide the kitty, tap arrow keys.
To jump, hit S key.

Game Details

A Kitty Dream

Welcome to A Kitty Dream, all guys! Want to participate in an interesting and thrilling adventure together with a cute kitty? Be fully prepared to act? There we come! In this game, players will enter the kitty’s dream. He’s dreaming of his own journey to an occult land. There is a huge treasure at the end of the way. So, go and help him attain the main objective, guys! The players need to direct the kitty cleverly and cautiously in order to go through each stage on the way smoothly. Remember to take a floppy dish to obtain a vital checkpoint. Besides, watch out for black rivers and strange creatures because they will hurt the kitty much. Especially, don’t forget to grab beneficial bonuses i.e. air jump (jump over high walls), etc. to take the treasure soon and successfully. Don’t waste time anymore, guys! Take action and gain a win now!

Date Added: 2014-06-29

Category: Physic & Logic

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