Alpha Force Game




Use the arrow keys to move the robot.
The Z key is to jump, and the spacebar is to shoot.

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Alpha Force Game

Hey guys! If loving to experience challenges of an action game, you are advised to Alpha Force Game. It will lead you to a military facility where you will do one significant task of fighting against enemies and gain valuable items. Are you ready? Get started right away!

It's seen as a gun-and-run reminiscent game from the classic Mega Man series. Here, each player will experience it as a robot to attack and vanquish all dangerous foes along his way to explore the military facility. Interestingly, the ultimate goal is to stop a deadly computer virus. Gather chipsets that permit him to turn into the foes. Additionally, let's find discs since they may be availed to upgrade the current armor and weapons.

When you are bored with your work in your office, Alpha Force Game will be a good selection. Don't miss it!

Date Added: 2015-07-20

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