Arithmetic Game



Arithmetic Game is totally played by using the left mouse.

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Arithmetic Game

Hey guys! You love Math and are always interested in puzzles revolving around digits, right? If yes, you should hesitate to take a gaze into Arithmetic Game – a Math game with the charming gameplay and eye-catching images. Get ready to set about the first Math puzzles? Enjoy now! Joining in this amazing game, players are required to complete suggested equations at the bottom by clicking to choose suitable numbers from the grid. The first equations seem simple, but in the advanced levels, they will become extremely challenging because they are longer and harder. Pay attention to the Time button at the top! The faster the equations are finished, the more scores you receive. Hurry up! Beat all of the puzzles of Arithmetic Game to prove your Math skills and intelligence. Good luck to you, all players!

Date Added: 2014-04-15

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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