Arrow keys are used to move and jump.
The C key is to shoot.

Game Details


Hey guys! Devote to exploring Astrobots – a cool adventure game since it's extremely exciting. Feel excited to penetrate into its gameplay right away! You will be surprised at its impressive features.

The game is portrayed as the interesting adventure of a little robot straying in a weird planet. It's necessary to find out the right way to come back home. However, the most important thing at present is to face up to aggressive aliens and frightening monsters. Be alert and skilled to help him beat all of them before they come close to him. It's better to use some of his abilities to control well the offered weapons and wipe put the incoming targets.

Enjoy Astrobots and save the robot's life right away! Don't forget to strengthen him with the equipment bought from the shop. Come on!

Date Added: 2015-05-21

Category: Fun Math Games

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