Player 1.
ESDF keys are for movement.
The Q key is to shoot.
Player 2.
The arrow keys are to move.
The M key is to fire.

Game Details


AZ is considered as an amazing fighting game in which 2 or 3 players can experience at the same time. Invite your friend to join in this spectacular fight with you and find out the best winner. AZ depicts the fight between 2 opposing forces: Green Tank and Red Tank, and it takes place in a small maze with many wavy paths and high walls. Players will control one of these forces and lead it to the victory at all cost. So as to get the expected result, let’s move the selected tank along the pathways to gather lots of letters, stars, and other bonuses while coming close to the enemy tank’s position and destroy it with right shots. It’s noticeable that the shots can be wrong and devastate the home tank if there is a certain strategy during the fight. Open your eyes and be skillful to avoid shooting bombs at the incorrect locations when moving around the maze. Come on!

Date Added: 2014-10-16

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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