Cardinal Quest 2




The arrow keys are used for controlling the fighter.
The left mouse is to shoot.

Game Details

Cardinal Quest 2

Get already excited with Cardinal Quest in its first version? Wait for its new upgrades with more innovative traits? If yes, there is no hesitation to experience Cardinal Quest 2, all players! Start up now! The fascinating game depicts an adventure of a fighter around his kingdom. It’s known that there are lots of frightening creatures and even the other fighters wanting to knock him out while he is earning and gathering precious treasures. That’s why the players of Cardinal Quest 2 are assigned the significant task of helping him explore everywhere to get all priceless things and assuring his safety. Notice that the enemies can hide themselves into dark corners, so try to move him in a wise way to evade or attack them. Points are collected thanks to their death. Don’t forget to spend this number of points on useful upgrades. Play Cardinal Quest 2 and hope you reach the expected achievement.

Date Added: 2014-05-15

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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