Cat Around The World



The game “Cat Around The World” is played with mouse only. Click on the blue blocks to clear them.

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Cat Around The World

In this puzzle skill game, there are a furry protest going on for cat lovers. You need to help the Cat get the delicious food of different countries round the world trip. Try to clear blue blocks, the food rolls conveniently to kitty’s paws. Find the way to collect all the stars. “Cat Around The World” has 6 modes that you can choose the one of them. Each mode, there are 6 countries: USA with New York city has Statue of Liberty. France with Paris has the Eiffel Tower. Egypt with Cairo has the Sphinx. Japan with Himeji has Himeji Castle. Australia with Sydney has Sydney Opera House. Easter Island with Hanga Roa has “MOAI”. Enjoy the game “Cat Around The World” through thirty levels in six different modes.

Date Added: 2012-10-10

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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