Cheerleader Puzzle




The mouse is the only key to interact with this game.

Game Details

Cheerleader Puzzle

Go with a cute cheerleader-girl and join in another cool puzzle game in Cheerleader Puzzle! Are you good at playing this kind of game? If yes, be nimble-footed to come with us right away! Players will see a large board (on the left side) and tons of images related to sports. Their job is to link 3 or more of the similar images vertically or horizontally to get points. It’s not hard, right? Try to do quickly and accurately in order to add enough energy in a bar and then move forward the next level. In addition, the players also receive a wonderful support – Chances. Use it in case that they don’t know how to do. Furthermore, they have to accomplish each level before the time runs out. Got everything clearly, guys? Don’t waste time anymore! Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-08-08

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