Move around: left, right, and down arrow keys.
Jump: spacebar.

Game Details


Let’s follow a little crocodile in his first adventure, guys! It’s assured that you will receive lots of interesting and cool moments. Get ready and participate in Chompy now! At this time, players will guide the crocodile to collect all of the golden coins on a large platform. Try to gather enough number in each stage in order to move on to other ones. Got it? In addition, please remember to carry all out in the soonest time to receive more scores. However, be careful of deep gaps in the platform. If unluckily tumbling down there, the game will be over immediately. Accordingly, the players should demonstrate their best skill in directing to attain the good result. Continue playing to enjoy more surprising and terrific things! Tap Start key and hope you accomplish all of the stages excellently!

Date Added: 2014-12-14

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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