Cold Fusion




Cold Fusion is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

Game Details

Cold Fusion

Hello a new day, all kids! Today, which kind of game would you like to taste? If having not had any idea, let’s go to Cold Fusion – a unique matching game in which you will get a special task. Get curious about its gameplay? Being to discover it right away! First of all, the majestic matching game Cold Fusion will offer players a field full of plasma pieces. Their important mission is to click on groups of the same colored items to fuse them. Get a glimpse of 4 squares at the bottom! They are Pieces, Value, Score, and Remaining Time. The Pieces and Value options indicate how many plasma pieces will be fused when the cursor is on the field and how valuable they are. The Score obviously implies how many scores the players will gain from them. Note that the time for fusing all of the above items is limited. Be fast-fingered and sharp-eyed to become the winner in this game! Come on!

Date Added: 2014-10-13

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