"Use the mouse to play Colony. Use the arrow keys or your mouse to scrolling the screen to the right. "

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"In this strategy game, you must protect central base, and destroy all enemy forces. The enemy's base set up on the right of the screen. Try to build one of your Red platforms: 1- Bank – This building allows you to gain financial resources. 2- Hospital – treat the wounded, and deploy meditecs from this building. 3- Forge – you can deploy sky drones and android forces from this building. 4- Outpost – you can deploy marines, tanks, and other combat vehicles from this building. 5- Special – launch missiles from this building. 6- Armory – this building allows to call in any additional supplies. 7- Generator – this building allows you to gain energy resources. Colony has two options for your choice: Multi player – play with other player. Quick play – play with PC. You can choose the difficulty of the game: tutorial level, easy, normal, hard and hard-hard! "

Date Added: 2012-11-08

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