Deal or No Deal



Use the left mouse to choose the briefcases

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Deal or No Deal

Hi everyone! Let us try your luck in the game – Deal or No Deal! Now, would you mind choosing one of 26 briefcases? This case is yours. Each case will be a different cost. The briefcases have many values as 5,000 dollars, 25, 000 dollars, 500,000 dollars, 0.01 dollar, 50 dollars, and others. There is the unique case, whose value is the maximum – 1,000,000 dollars. Remove the first 6 cases by selecting them. After you do this thing, it will have a call from the bank. Then he gives an offer with the amount of cashes for your case. At this time, there are two choices for the players – Deal and No Deal. If your thinking is good about this offer, you can choose Deal. The game is complete, and you get this cashes. On the contrary, your choice is No Deal. Continue the game to find out the real cost of your case. Good luck!

Date Added: 2013-09-11

Category: Fun Math Games

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