Doodle God Blitz




The left mouse is used to enjoy the game.

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Doodle God Blitz

For people hungry for something new, special, cool, and different, enjoying Doodle God Blitz is regarded as a right decision. It's true that the wonderful game features about 100 new missions and elements, a planet full of eye-catching landscapes, new modes with challenging puzzles and quests. Wow! It's amazing, right? Take time to try it now!

That cool game is also supposed to have new episodes like technology, modern age, and world of magic. The players' basic task right after setting foot on the game space is to build up a new universe by matching and mixing different combinations of earth, wind, fire, and air. It's clear that the universe will be founded in just one day. Devote much more time to solving all of the suggested quests and puzzles here for this brand-new land.

Don't hesitate anymore! Doodle God Blitz is ideal to experience. Come on! Unleash all new episodes here right away!

Date Added: 2015-05-28

Category: Fun Math Games

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