Drink Beer Neglect Family




Move, climb ladders, and drop down from bridges: Arrows.
Jump: Z.

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Drink Beer Neglect Family

Take your time and jump into Drink Beer Neglect Family right now! What should you perform in this fun and addictive game? Tap the Start button to see the interesting story here!

What's going on in the playing field? The players will aid a disillusioned man in drinking as many beers as possible. Why? At this moment, he's really disappointed with his family. Alright, don't make him think about his beloved! In this interesting game, you're offered a pack of full challenging levels. Do best to take the man to the final stage and achieve the high score! Be careful, whenever you drink a cup of beer, a negative effect will happen, i.e. throwing up, blinking eyes, limiting the movement ability, and more. You must be really focused as all these effects aren't good for the objective. If the man feels dizzy, he may fall off the platforms.

Try to avoid colliding with obstructions along the way, remember! Let's play Drink Beer Neglect Family now!

Date Added: 2015-09-15

Category: Physic & Logic

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