Epic Time Pirates




Aim and shoot with the mouse.
The WASD keys are to move and jump.

Game Details

Epic Time Pirates

Welcome to Epic Time Pirates – a magnificent action game with the Pirate theme! It’s also referred to as a cool arena shooting game designed by the big producer Jay Armstrong. Guy! What is greater than becoming a captain of a time ship and talented crew to experience a wonderful adventure on the sea? One special point is that the crew will be aggressive pirates whom you have ever been scared of when watching some films on TV. Are you ready to enter Epic Time Pirates? Let’s go! 20 challenging tasks are all what players must get over once having participated in this game. Steering the chief pirate around the ship to cope with the enemies and collect precious items is the key to success in each of the tasks. Don’t forget about new weapons and equipment which should be upgraded for him during the adventure. Good luck!

Date Added: 2015-01-22

Category: Physic & Logic

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