Escape from Fraction Manor

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Use the left arrow key to move left. Use the right arrow key to move right. Press space bar to jump.

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Escape from Fraction Manor

Escape from Fraction Manor is one of math game. The resident scientist, Dr. Fractionstein sees this an opportunity to test Cleo the Cat new puzzles. He spooky Fraction Manor, and he wandered into the mysterious. Cleo trapped inside until the puzzles are solved. You have to help Cleo escape Fraction Manor use your fraction skills. To gain points, you must land on a guard by jumping from above the guards. You also earn more points by grabbing pumpkins. In each level, there are several puzzle cards. Before a puzzle can be revealed, you must search them. A key will appear once you solve a puzzle. This key is used to open a new door. The further you get in the game, the more challenging the puzzles become. You need to lead Cleo The Cat out of Fraction Manor safely. Be careful! A life will lose if Cleo encounters the guards of Fraction Manor.

Date Added: 2012-10-10

Category: Fun Math Games

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