Fish Eat Fish 3 Players




Player 1.
ASDW keys are used to move.
Player 2.
The arrow keys are used to move.
Player 3.
The left mouse is to move.

Game Details

Fish Eat Fish 3 Players

Please never ignore Fish Eat Fish 3 Players if you are craving for proving your abilities to survive in the merciless world like the under water. That sounds quite interesting, right? You are also a game-addict, aren't you? Try this funny and dramatic game instantly!

As saying above, surviving from the danger at the bottom of the sea is all what players will do when participating in the game. In detail, they must have good skills in maneuvering the little fish such a way that he can swallow the other ones smaller than him and grow up. Remember to select the small fishes to eat first! If touching the big ones, he will be swallowed again. Be careful! The longer he can survive, the more scores the players accumulate.

Spend time hitting the Play button to start the life-and-death battle in Fish Eat Fish 3 Players, guys! Good luck!

Date Added: 2015-04-06

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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