Galaxy Siege 3




This game is mainly played with the mouse.

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Galaxy Siege 3

Let's set foot to Galaxy Siege 3 – the 3rd installment of the Galaxy Siege series – and start a new adventure now! What mission do you need to deal with here? It's time to figure out!

Before partaking in the major objective, the players need to customize their own flash spaceship. Look at your left side! You can find some available items, or feel free to visit the Shop and purchase expensive equipment for the flying object. When finishing the 'crafting' process, please drive this aircraft to the playing field – and your task is to kill the entire monsters in the battle as well as gathering all the scattered diamonds. While moving, pay attention to the Fuel Bar! Once the ship is out of energy, players have to return the main base for a new boost. Can you defeat all the Alien Bosses and take over their planets?

Such tough fights, right? Anyway, travel to Galaxy Siege 3 and quickly upgrade the spacecraft for the upcoming wars!

Date Added: 2015-09-22

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