Gravity Driver




Arrow or ASDW keys are used to drive the main vehicle.

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Gravity Driver

It's clear that action games or driving games are designed to aim at boys craving for getting full experience of sitting in super cars and zooming with the incredible speed; Gravity Driver is exactly a good zone to have such the feelings. Here we go!

Obviously, driving the car along the tunnel along with directing it to the suggested destination is everything players ought to do throughout the game. Avoid colliding with walls and obstacles while running through the tunnel, or the vehicle will be damaged and even destroyed. Remember to take advantage of the boost from the Boost bar at the right side because it will help the vehicle speed up. Time for finishing the given challenge is limited. Therefore, keep balancing and zoom ahead as rapidly as possible.

It's the right moment to put yourself in a big challenge of Gravity Driver. Do you dare take it? Go now!

Date Added: 2015-05-14

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