Harvest Honors



Use your mouse to swap the items in the game “Harvest Honors”

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Harvest Honors

One favorite strategy game, the “Harvest Honors” is a good game for you. This game is turn-based. You must collect one hundred carrots to win. Try to create columns or rows of three or more of the same item that swap items. If you want to get an extra turn, you can create a column or row of four or more items. Your opponent will wins automatically if you miss three turns in a row. Each player has fifteen seconds per turn. Two items will swap automatically, when the time runs out. You need to collect special farming abilities that require a certain number of items. You can use farming abilities to spend your turn using ability or swap items. Once you stockpile items, the cost of the ability will deduct automatically. You should buy four more in the Harvest Honors Extras! There are two types “farming abilities”: standard abilities and bonus abilities. When you have enough qp coins, you can activate four types of Power-Ups: Harvest Helper, Farmer’s Market, Plow Power and Carrot Armor.

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