Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome




Walk: AD or left/right arrows.
Jump: KW or Z/up arrows.
Interact: J or X.

Game Details

Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome

Welcome all of the players to Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome! What is this puzzle-platform game about? Swiftly pack your bags and run to the mysterious land there!

Once setting foot to the main screen, you're asked to take control of a special character and help him deal with all the tasks. However, this guy is not like other heroes you usually assist in other games. In here, he's the explorer born with 'a unique syndrome' – whenever he walks outside or interacts with the sunlight, he'll be burnt until disappearing. Players' core mission is to support him to discover everything (landscapes, jungle's secrets, etc.) in this beautiful place. Avoid exposing your skin to the sunlight and remember to use water bottles for preserving your precious life. Find valuable items in each stage!

Okay, never let the sun burns the guy to death! Much fun with Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome now!

Date Added: 2015-09-17

Category: Physic & Logic

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