Last Legacy Null Space




The ASDW keys are used for moving the hero.
The left mouse is to open the chests.

Game Details

Last Legacy Null Space

Want to develop your ingenuity and cleverness at the moment? It’s supposed that puzzle and physics games are totally suitable for you. Today, Last Legacy Null Space – a platformer packed puzzle game with various interesting features can be a wonderful choice. In reference to the majestic game’s story, a hero tried to battle against forces of evil, but after what seemed a victory, the horrible monsters summoned a wormhole. Now, he can not escape from here if there is not your assistance. Play Last Legacy Null Space to help him, players! Let’s guide him throughout platforms by overcoming blocks, traps and other obstacles to approach the exit. Remember to boost his energy by equipping him with items in treasure chests along the way or upgrades bought from the shop. Come on!

Date Added: 2014-07-28

Category: Physic & Logic

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