London Rex




ASDW keys are used to move.
Attack with the mouse.

Game Details

London Rex

Welcome all players to London Rex – a spectacular action game regarding violent scenes! Remember that you should only experience it once you are adults! It's full of bloody situations which are not suitable for kids.

Oh! The T. Rex starts appearing in London and tends to wreak havoc on humans destroying his hide-out. Not help the humans to fight against this beast in this game. Instead, players are requested to become his companion to teach the human a lesson. Everything the players may do for him is to cause the devastation like damaging cars, buildings, and all things he meets along the street. Even eating citizens is one of the activities here. Scores will be counted after each achievement, of course. Let's go!

You should not neglect London Rex since it gives you a strong feeling. Ready? Come on!

Date Added: 2015-05-18

Category: Fun Math Games

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