Mighty Knight




The ASDW keys are for moving.
The JKL/ZXC keys are to attack.

Game Details

Mighty Knight

A cool action game with various dramatic features is waiting to be explored under your hands, all players! There is no time to hesitate. If wanting to improve your battling and experience vicious war as a hero with zombies, you should not miss Mighty Knight at any cost. Get started now! The war took place thousand years ago by the time the prosperous age of zombies. At that time, all of the heroes all over the world, without the power of technology, must battle with the Dark Order in order to protect the world’s peace. Until now, the King Order still survives and becomes stronger and stronger. That’s why you are here and help the world eliminate this evil force entirely. The goal is to defeat him along with bad guys (his soldiers) and doom his castle. Get ready? Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-05-06

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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