Nether Runner




The arrow keys are for movement.
The Z key is to shoot.
The X key is to cast spell.

Game Details

Nether Runner

Welcome all players to Nether Runner, a funny running game! If you desire to train your skill of controlling a game character throughout difficult tracks, don’t miss such game since it contains various exciting and surprising things. Get ready to go about the first challenge right away! Get it on! The fascinating game tells about a guy who is trying to run ahead to save his girlfriend from hands of monsters coming out from the mysterious book. Here, the activity which the players will experience is to help this character jump over rocks, obstacles, fly over high walls, and avoid the enemies’ shots. Importantly, kill those enemies by shooting at them in order to collect gold coins. Use this budget to purchase necessary and helpful upgrades. Now it’s the right time to run! Come on!

Date Added: 2014-07-18

Category: Physic & Logic

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