Ocean Matches




The mouse is to play this game.

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Ocean Matches

Let’s take part in a very cool matching game, all buddies! Are you ready to dive underwater and discover terrific things in a beautiful ocean? Don’t waste time anymore! Move on to Ocean Matches right away! Look! There is a big board which holds various kinds of animals such as octopus, seals, penguins, and so on. Players’ chief task is to collect as many animals as possible. Observe and arrange at least 3 animals vertically or horizontally to take them out of the board. The more animals the players can own, the more scores they can receive. In addition, don’t miss using some specific Assistance as diamonds (remove one type of animal randomly), bombs (delete everything), jellyfishes (remove a column), and crying-jellyfishes (remove a row). Sounds simple and easy, right? Hit Start button and take action now! Wish you enjoy more funny moments!

Date Added: 2014-09-30

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