Pathways 2



The game is enjoyed by using the left mouse only.

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Pathways 2

For all people who have spent time on Pathways, they will definitely expect its terrific innovations. In the previous time, you are challenged to difficult but interesting Math puzzles. This time Pathways 2 does not get anyone down as it is added to the more charming and challenging traits. Get yourselves enjoyed with Pathways 2 right away! Come on! In terms of the primary rule, the cool game is quite similar to its brother. In detail, the game asks its players to find a pathway of numbers according to the mathematical rule at the left side of the game interface. The pathway begins from the bottom left corner and follows the rule to the end at the top right corner. Remember that reaching the end point means that the game’s over. Be careful! Here we go!

Date Added: 2014-04-15

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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