Pou Kitchen Slacking




The mouse is to interact with this game.

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Pou Kitchen Slacking

Pou – a little creature – is working at a restaurant as a chef. Except from cooking, he has to do many different tasks. However, no one knows what those are. Could he perform all well? Try entering Pou Kitchen Slacking and see what he can do now! There are 7 prescribed tasks that Pou needs to complete. He has to cut 3 carrots, wash 4 dishes, fill up 3 bowls of soup, arrange a dish of vegetable, serve foods for 4 customers, thrash cockroaches in the kitchen, and cook a delicious dish. The most important thing is that Pou has to execute all secretly. If seeing anyone passing, stop doing right away. Otherwise, Pou will be sacked without warning. That’s the reason why players have to support him to complete each task as soon as possible. Observe the time and score at the top of the screen! Try to gain the soonest time and the highest score to become the winner! Hope you succeed!

Date Added: 2014-10-24

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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