Racing Turbo 2015

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Run: arrow keys.
Nitro: spacebar.

Game Details

Racing Turbo 2015

What could be more fantastic when relishing a very terrific racing contest in Racing Turbo 2015, all racers! Reckon that you have a high talent in running against other opponents? Don’t waste time anymore! Come on, guys! The chief job here is to gain the best position in almost the races. Firstly, let’s pick up a racing car and track. Then enter the main screen and begin to race. Players just hit prescribed buttons on the keyboard in order to control their own car to move forwards and overcome other opponents. Got it? Therefore, they need to express all their best skills in guiding the car and observing everything on the screen. In addition, don’t miss using Nitro in order to increase the car’s speed at the best level. After completing each race well, continue discovering other new cars and laps. Take action and wish you have more excitement!

Date Added: 2014-12-09

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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