Rogue Legend




The mouse is to interact with Rogue Legend.

Game Details

Rogue Legend

Welcome to Rogue Legend! It’s an RPG combined Minecraft graphics which surely brings more fantastic moments to the gamers. In this interesting game, you will portray a little hero. A huge creature attacked your parents and destroyed your house. The players’ main task here is to hunt the enemies to revenge for the hero’s family. Go to a secret place and collect 2 main tools (axe and hammer). At first, you need to find some important materials to craft the necessary items. Those blocks will be useful in building as well as fixing the house. Along the way, players should guide their hero to plant and grow crops, and sell them for more money. Whenever you see the enemies, use a sword to kill them all. Remember to upgrade it into a powerful weapon; it takes less time to destroy those creatures. Don’t forget to fulfill your character needs (hunger, thirst, fatigue, and sickness). Hope you have a fun time!

Date Added: 2015-01-16

Category: Physic & Logic

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