Steam King




The arrow keys or ASDW keys are used for moving.
The left mouse is to shoot.

Game Details

Steam King

Stream King is a relative of King Arthur, who is happily living in a beautiful castle with his wife and daughter. Once day, one unfortunate thing comes to him; a huge knight infiltrates deep into his castle and throw him out of there. Oh no! He is awaiting and calling your assistance in this case, all players! Play Steam King to help him now! Moving King Arthur along the path back to the castle is the chief mission. Bear in mind that the path is full of opposing soldiers, deadly traps, and other dangers, so make sure that you must keep him away from such things during the path. Notice, the opposing soldiers will attack him constantly. Thus, take the provided gun to shoot them down before they knock him out entirely. Don’t forget to pick up cogs and power-ups to boost his ability. Experience the awesome game now!

Date Added: 2014-05-29

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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