Successful Experiment



Use the mouse to play Successful Experiment. Click to take and place the balls. Use R key to restart the experiment. Press number 1 to use the bowling ball. Press number 2 to use the bubble. Press number 3 to use the basket ball.

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Successful Experiment

Welcome to the laboratory! Today we are going to run some fun physics experiments. There are eighteen laboratories. You need to move the ball “8” into the target area at the flag. That is the goal of the experiments. In experiments you only have a maximum of two balls in each of ball. You can use different balls to help reach your goal. There are three kinds of balls: 1- The bowling ball – use it when need the most weight. This ball is the heaviest ball. 2- The bubble is very light and floats upward. 3- The basket ball – it does bounce and float on water. It is not as heavy as the bowling ball.

Date Added: 2012-10-23

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