Sugar Sugar 3




The left mouse is used to enjoy the game.

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Sugar Sugar 3

You will be seduced to innovations of Sugar Sugar – a puzzle game themed simple graphics yet including the magnetic content. Exactly, Sugar Sugar 3 is what you will try here. Spend your free time on the first challenge of this cool update now!

Upon opening the second view, each player will find that 30 levels are designed to challenge his brain. In each one, the core objective is to draw the smart lines which may lead the sugar dropping from the sky to the suggested cups. Keep in mind that the current challenge will be accomplished right after all of the cups are filled with the sugar. Beware of objects and items along the sugar's way! Figure out some clever ways to evade these while filling the cups.

Let's play Sugar Sugar 3 as its challenges are so cool. Start from the first one right now! How awesome!

Date Added: 2015-08-31

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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