Super Santa Bomber




The mouse is to enjoy the game.

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Super Santa Bomber

Hey, guys! Christmas is coming. Hurry and don’t lose out your chance to enjoy a really great game – Super Santa Bomber. This time, players have to help their Santa Claus reach his destination soon in order to give nice presents for good kids. Look! His sleigh is being stuck and he needs your help. Let’s go and take him out of the trap and give gifts for the kids on time. The players have to use big bombs to guide Santa to the right place. They need to place the bomb in the right place to push him to the hole. Besides, they can use the bombs to destroy obstacles blocking his way through. During the game, try to keep him safe. When he falls into the hole, a level is completed. The more levels you beat, the more challenges you face, guys. Hope you complete all levels and enjoy a great Christmas holiday with Santa!

Date Added: 2015-01-01

Category: Physic & Logic

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