The Utilizer




Grab the mouse to deal with this game’s mission.

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The Utilizer

Attention, guys! Quickly travel to the outer space and join with The Utilizer in a fierce combat instantly. There’s no time for hesitating! Fight hard and tell us your experience!

In this game, the players will role-play a commander of a giant spaceship. While spending time for relaxing, you soon realize that your vehicle is attacked by a wave of aliens. You must fight back! How? In the beginning, the task is – catching all the falling blocks and forming them into groups of the same colors (yellow, red, and green). Once you clear that objective, the game will provide you a shooter for aiming and firing all the enemies and other asteroids. The more objects you destroy, the more coins you will gather. Remember, players have only 3 lives to challenge the mission here. Keep matching blocks to earn more shooters.

This action puzzle game (featuring match-3 gameplay) is fun to enjoy! Have a great time with The Utilizer!

Date Added: 2015-09-14

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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