Toco Run

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Press WASD or arrow keys to direct Toco.

Game Details

Toco Run

Today is the first day Toco starts his new job. But, he is late for work. Terribly, the road towards his company is full of obstacles. How could he go to the company in time? Why don’t you enter Toco Run and give him a helpful hand right now? Be quick to tap Start button and run with Toco! Use vital buttons on the keyboard to control Toco so that he can evade the obstacles or jump over or slide carefully. Ensure that he doesn’t touch anything; otherwise, he will stop running and getting late for work for sure. Therefore, players need to concentrate on the screen cautiously to overcome all well. In addition, they should finish another task; that is, grab as many available coins as possible. What’s for? Of course, increase Toco’s budget. Are you ready to accomplish this task? No time for waiting! Let’s start now!

Date Added: 2014-10-21

Category: Skill & Puzzles

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